Affirm Your Parental Rights

Affirm Your Parental Rights

Work with a parental rights attorney in Opelika, AL

As a parent, you have certain rights and obligations under the law. In certain situations, however, the courts or your co-parent may try to take those rights away. If you're facing the loss of your parental rights, an attorney from Stephanie N. Johndrow, Attorney At Law can help you defend them.

Our parental rights attorney will show the Opelika, AL courts your parental fitness. Start the fight to stay in your child's life by calling 334-745-3388 today.

Restore your child visitation rights

While it's difficult to terminate parental rights, it's much easier for the courts to deny you child visitation rights. Contact Stephanie N. Johndrow, Attorney At Law if:

  • You're seeking to reconnect with your child after incarceration or substance abuse recovery
  • You're a grandparent who has been denied visitation with your grandchildren
  • Your co-parent has tried to prevent you from seeing your child in spite of a custody agreement

We'll make the case that your presence in your child's life is in their best interest.

Talk to a child visitation rights attorney in Opelika, Alabama today.